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Renewables and Grids:

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Renewable Energies

In order to slow climate change, humanity has to alter their electricity production. In the future, our power supply will mainly rely on renewable energies.

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Distribution Systems

With increasing amounts of decentralized generation connected to the distribution networks, the role of the distribution grid is changing. Network operators need to adapt their operation.

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Electric vehicles drive emission-free. In addition, the batteries of the electric vehicles can be used in order to balance out fluctuations in the power grid.

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Smart Grids

Within a smart grid, intelligent components are communicating with each other, thus supporting operators in achieving safe and efficient network operation.

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Combustion Engine Power Plants

The simultaneous and adjustable generation of heat and electricity ensures maximum efficiency. This technology allows drawing the optimum profit from biogas.

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Electricity Markets

Power markets are subject to unique conditions due to the need to balance supply and demand at all times. Appropriate market design is crucial to the integration of renewable energies.

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Grid Codes

Grid Codes define vital regulations for all participants in the energy supply system. They are crucial to the secure integration of renewable energies.

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Island & Microgrids

Island grids and microgrids utilizing solar and wind power require a constant balance of electricity generation and consumption. Control concepts verified through simulations ensure safe operation.

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Transmission Systems

Das Übertragungsnetz transportiert Strom über weite Distanzen, beispielsweise Windenergie zu den Verbrauchern. Es trägt daher maßgeblich zum Gelingen der Energiewende bei.

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