Smart Grids:

Mastering the Energy Transition with Intelligent Grid Control

Mass-installation of decentralized energy resources – such as solar and wind power generators – in the distribution networks can cause overloading and voltage stability issues, and other challenges for system operation. Many of these challenges can be overcome in the most efficient manner by an intelligent grid control and a communication infrastructure. Within such intelligent networks (smart grids), power flows and voltage can be controlled on the local level by generators and loads. This allows more renewable generators to be integrated into the system without compromising security of supply.

Intelligent control is the key to efficiency

Within a smart grid, numerous resources can be coordinated. The network loading can be optimized by coordinating controlled loads, storage solutions and decentralized generation, taking weather and consumption forecasts into account where appropriate. Active power from storage assets and reactive power from the wind and solar power plants’ inverters can be used to maintain voltage stability. Intelligent control algorithms and a sophisticated communication system are essential for an efficient coordination of all the different actors involved. Customized smart grid solutions thus support network operators in reaching their objectives in a cost-effective manner.

In brief
  • Combined generation of heat and electricity adds value.
  • Decades of development and optimization make for a sophisticated technology.
  • An ever-changing energy sector leads to new challenges for well-established technologies.

Consultancy, Research and Development:

A Selection of our Broad Service Portfolio.

Smart Grid Consulting

Smart Grids need to fit your operation and your objectives. We take care of that! By means of custom-fit control algorithms and competent, manufacturer-independent consulting services.

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Grid Studies

When integrating renewable energies, questions of system security and cost-efficiency arise. We have the right answers! By means of detailed analyses, simulations and lots of experience.

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Grid Code Development

Grid Codes are crucial to a safe integration of renewable energies into the grid. We design and revise them for you! With international experience and expert knowledge.

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