Transmission Systems:

The Backbone of the Energy Transition

Our power systems consist of various voltage levels from very high to low voltage. Higher voltages require more effort to handle safely, but are very effective in limiting power losses. Thus, the logical choice for long distance transmission is high voltage, while lower voltages are used for electricity distribution as well as short distance transmission of limited power. Transformers connect the different voltage levels.

Integration of renewable energies requires extension of the transmission system

The German transmission system consists of transmission lines with a voltage of 400 Kilovolts. In the center of the European interconnected power system, it connects the power systems of nations in distant regions. The steadily growing share of renewable energies in electricity generation increasingly requires an adaptation of the transmission system, since the sites with the best climatic conditions for generation are typically located far from the consumption areas. In Germany, for instance, the conditions for wind power generation are especially advantageous in the North, whereas the energy demand is highest in the South.

Simulations help optimizing network extensions

Network extension is often the most efficient means to integrate renewable energies. However, permission and construction of transmission lines and stations often take several years. Thus, it is important to determine the most efficient network extension options by means of detailed simulations, taking alternative technology solutions into account (e.g., OHL monitoring, high-temperature OHL, storages).

In brief
  • The transmission system allows long distance transmission of electrical energy.
  • Interconnection of renewable generation centers and the areas of highest consumption increasingly demands extensions of the transmission system.
  • Based on simulations, experts can identify optimal network extension measures for each particular case.

Consultancy, Research and Development:

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Grid Studies

When integrating renewable energies, questions of system security and cost-efficiency arise. We have the right answers! By means of detailed analyses, simulations and lots of experience.

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Grid Code Development

Grid Codes are crucial to a safe integration of renewable energies into the grid. We design and revise them for you! With international experience and expert knowledge.

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Measurement Campaigns

Would you like to monitor electrical quantities on your grid or at your generation plants? Then we are your trusted and reliable partner for all types of measurements and evaluations within your power network, e.g. of power quality and voltage angle of the measured waveform.

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