Capacity Building for Indonesian State Utility PLN

Online training seminars on power system planning and operation with renewable energy

Capacity building and knowledge transfer to local power systems stakeholders is a crucial component of every development project. Hence it was also a major part of GIZ’s REEP 1000 Islands program in Indonesia, supported by Energynautics from 2017 through 2020.

Energynautics experts Peter-Philipp Schierhorn, Nis Martensen and Leonard Hülsmann conducted multiple on-site trainings in 2019 and 2020 in several locations across Indonesia, including PLN’s training center in Makassar and PLN headquarters in Jakarta, focusing on power system planning and operation, grid code development, blackouts and system restoration.

With the Covid-19 pandemic prohibiting travel to and within Indonesia from March 2020 on, the focus was shifted to online trainings mainly using Zoom and MS Teams.

Energynautics were tasked with developing training materials for future use in PLN’s own training centers, providing training of trainers (ToT), further the development of the Indonesian distribution grid code and provide capacity building to the Indonesian power system regulator.

The following webinars were executed, each joined by between 30 to 80 participants, with Peter-Philipp Schierhorn and Energynautics CEO Thomas Ackermann as the primary lecturers:

  • Three single-day stakeholder webinars to discuss the development of the distribution code in May, August and October 2020
  • Single-day capacity building webinar for the Indonesian power system regulator focusing on generation capacity expansion in island systems and international good practice concerning power system planning in June 2020
  • 3 day training webinar for future trainers in PLN’s training centers, focusing on power system planning with renewable energy in September 2020
  • 2 day training webinar for future trainers in PLN’s training centers, focusing on power system operation with high shares of variable renewable energy in September 2020.

Moreover, Energynautics continue to develop in-depth training materials for PLN until the end of the contract at the end of December 2020.