Transmission System Study Czech Republic published

In late 2017, Energynautics was commissioned by a consortium of Friends of the Earth, Glopolis and the Frank Bold Society to conduct a high level transmission system study to investigate the impact of a large scale coal exit in the Czech Republic by 2030. The study included electricity market and power plant dispatch simulations along with power flow calculations of the Czech transmission grid to analyze the capability of the system to transition from primarily coal based generation to a more diverse generator portfolio involving increased capacities of wind, PV and biomass/biogas generation. The study shows that the Czech system can deal with the transition towards renewables without major reinforcements or adjustments of operational practice under the given scenario. Study results were published on May 22nd and presented at a press conference and expert workshop in Prague.

The report is available here:…


As of August 2018, Energynautics is conducting some follow-up work with additional scenarios for the Czech Republic, Poland and Germany, that will be published later this year.

Simulated generator dispatch in the Czech Republic for a July week in 2030.

Grid model of the Czech transmission grid, developed by Energynautics.