Energynautics successfully conducted a series of three seminars on modern power system planning topics to Peruvian planners.

Diagnosis of the Electrical System Planning Process in Peru

In October 2021, Energynautics was commissioned by GET.transform to conduct a diagnostic on the long-term power system planning activities in the Energy Planification Area of the Ministry of Energy and Mines of Peru (MINEM).

The scope of the works comprised a gap analysis of the current MINEM’s planning methods based on international and regional best practices on four key selected topics for modern power system planning as well as the elaboration of high-level recommendations for enhancing MINEM’s activities.


The key topics selected were:

  1. Generation adequacy and capacity credit from vRE
  2. Modelling costs for vRE and other inverter-based assets
  3. Power system flexibility
  4. Electromobility


Finally, Energynautics conducted a series of three virtual seminars to MINEM representatives covering the full scope of the works.