Sino-German Energy Transition Project

Energynautics provide expertise on power system flexibility and capacity adequacy to support the energy transition in China

The Sino-German Energy Transition Project, as part of the Sino-German Energy Partnership commissioned by BMWK, supports the exchange between Chinese government think tanks and German research institutions to strengthen the Sino-German scientific exchange on the energy transition and share German energy transition experiences with a Chinese audience. The project aims to promote a low-carbon-oriented energy policy and help to build a more effective, low-carbon energy system in China through international cooperation and mutual benefit policy research and modeling.

Commissioned by GIZ, the implementing organisation of the project, Energynautics support the German Energy Agency dena and the Danish Energy Agency Energistyrelsen in providing knowledge on the European energy transition to Chinese power system stakeholders in 2021 and 2022. Tasks included an assessment of the development of system flexibility in Germany across the past two decades, estimating the cost of different additional flexibility options, and an analysis of capacity adequacy assessment methodologies used by different European power system actors.

Results were published in the form of two reports, which were presented at the Berlin Energy Transition Dialogue in late March 2022: