Energynautics CEO Dr. Eckehard Tröster presents

at Training and Work Group Meeting in Bangladesh

On 13 January 2020, Energynautics CEO Dr. Tröster conducted a Training Program on Wide-Area Monitoring Solution (WAMS) in Dhaka, Bangladesh. During the training, he introduced basics of WAMS and Phasor measurement units (PMUs), related information on international experience and gave specific examples of PMU applications. Furthermore, he pointed out the advantages of WAMS for Bangladesh and showed the proposed steps for Bangladesh in regards to WAMS and PMS within and outside the current GIZ project.

At the following Work Group Meeting “Challenges and Solutions for Grid Integration of Solar IPPs in Bangladesh” on 16 January 2020, Dr. Eckehard Tröster presented on simulation on power evacuation of 435 MW of solar IPPs planned for Northern Bangladesh as well as possible solutions to overcome grid integration challenges for solar IPPs. Promoting grid integration of solar energy through technical expertise is one of the EEGIRE project’s core activities. The work group consists of representatives of ministries, operators, regulators, the private sector and research institutions

The Training as well as the Work Group Meeting were part of the technical cooperation project: „Energy Efficiency and Grid Integration of Renewable Energy“(EEGIRE). The project seeks to improve the conditions to integrate solar power into the grid and improve efficiency in the power grid.

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