Years of informal cooperation turn into official partnership

Energynautics is now a member of Energy Systems Integration Group

In April 2023, Energynautics joined the US-based Energy Systems Integration Group (ESIG). ESIG is a non-profit educational association that focuses on providing resources and education to the engineers, researchers, technologists and policymakers for evolving electricity and integrated energy systems. Through collaboration and coordination, ESIG addresses the technical challenges associated with integrating multiple energy systems with large amounts of wind and solar energy to enable clean, reliable, and affordable energy systems worldwide.

For years, Energynautics have maintained close relations to ESIG, e.g. via joint workshops like the Hybrid Power Plants & Systems Workshop, the first two editions of which were organized by ESIG. For many years, regular presentations by ESIG have been an integral part of the Energynautics conferences and tutorials. Therefore, it was now high time to transform the informal cooperation into an official partnership.

Energynautics is pleased to now be able to participate even more in the international dialogue on grid integration of renewable energies, e.g. in ESIG working groups.