Organizer: Indonesian Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources together with GIZ REEP2

Energynautics presents at Webinar on Hosting Capacity Assessments

Energynautics’ Leonard Hülsmann was one of the presenters of the webinar “VRE Hosting Capacity in Distribution Networks“ on 28 September 2022, organized by the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources together with 1.000 Islands – Renewable Energy for Electrification Programme Phase II (REEP2).

This event focused on the importance of hosting capacity assessments in electrical distribution networks, in particular for distributed rooftop solar systems. Several experts shared international experiences from Vietnam, Germany, Dominican Republic and India with a focus on doing technical assessments and improving local technical regulations, namely distribution network interconnection rules.

Indonesia currently has a very restrictive policy regarding rooftop solar development, limiting the installable PV capacity for households to 15% of their household connection rating. The three sessions conducted by Leonard Hülsmann shed some light on how the true technical limits of distribution networks to accommodate rooftop solar PV generation can be evaluated through hosting capacity assessments and which solutions are available to reduce PV impacts and increase the share of rooftop solar PV generation. He further shared experiences, examples and recommendations from other countries on the regulatory aspects how to deal with increasing rooftop solar PV generation in electricity distribution networks.

Have a look at a video of the webinar as well as the news on the ministry website for further information.