ENTSO-E grid codes

In 2016, the European Network of Transmission System Operators (ENTSO-E) released pan-European grid codes for the connection of generators (RfG, EU-Regulation 2016/631), demand (DCC, EU-Regulation 2016/1338) and HVDC lines (HVDC, EU-Regulation 2016/1447).

The goal was to define standardized requirements to ensure high system security and to create efficient markets for the considered technologies. Simulation models are a main part of these grid codes.

Customized and RfG compliant models

by the market leader

The “network code on requirements for grid connection of generators” (RfG, EU-Regulation 2016/631) defines regulations for all generating units connected to the grid. They also include requirements for simulation models and compliance simulations of generators.

These were implemented differently in the respective grid codes of the individual countries. There are differences, for example, in the classification of the generators into types A, B, C or D, in the scope of the models and the required simulations.

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