Optimal asset sizing for Phase 3

of the largest onshore wind farm in Europe

The Markbygden Wind Farm will be a group of interconnected land-based wind farms located in the north of Sweden. The project comprises three different phases, which are planned to be completed by 2021. The Markbygden Wind Farm will include 1101 wind turbines, thereby becoming the largest onshore wind farm in Europe.

Energynautics was commissioned by B+S grid solutions GmbH to develop the steady-state model of the third phase of the wind farm and to perform a series of techno-economic studies in order to guarantee the compliance with the grid codes as well as the minimization of active power losses. The studies include a cost-benefit analysis for the optimal sizing of sections of the conductors, the sizing of the equipment for the provision of reactive power support and the determination of the short-circuit levels.

Markbygden Net AB (MBN)


“B+S grid solutions GmbH and Energynautics GmbH successfully cooperated to execute and fulfill the contract between Markbygden Net AB and Energynautics GmbH. Energynautics GmbH’s scope was to perform an extensive static grid analysis for Markbygden phase 3 and to conclude and present the results in a comprehensive report.

Energynautics GmbH carried out all project related tasks as contractually agreed with Markbygden Net AB. All services and deliverables meet the client’s and our requirements and expectations on the level of quality.

B+S grid solutions GmbH is very satisfied with the results elaborated by Energynautics GmbH and highly appreciates Energynautics GmbH understanding of a close cooperation. We are looking forward to any future assignments.”

Kristin Budde, B+S grid solutions GmbH