Power Generating Unit Modelling according to Italian standard CEI 0-16

RFG compliant models in high demand

The introduction of the European grid code “Requirements for Generators” (RfG, EU Regulation 2016/631) means that more and more countries are demanding dynamic models to check compliance with the requirements of the grid code. Italy is an example of this approach as the CEI 016 norm was revised for RfG conformity. As a result, simulation models of power plants are increasingly required in Italy.

Customized and RfG compliant models by the market leader

In Germany, 50% of certified models for internal combustion engines stem from Energynautics. Based on this wealth of experience with the creation of validated models for power generating modules in Germany, it is easy to quickly create accepted models in other countries. Especially since the VDE 4110 prescribes strict guidelines for model accuracy and thus certifies a high model quality. For existing customers from Germany, European markets can be opened up quickly by adapting the model used for the German market. This will soon be carried out for one of our longstanding customers.

The main focus will be on compliance with the country-specific fault ride through curve, which defines a region that the power generating module has to stay connected to the network in the event of voltage dips. The Italian norm CEI 016 also requires voltage drops down to 5% residual voltage for internal combustion engines. This is not currently required in Germany and must therefore be correctly represented in the model for Italy. For this purpose, specific measurements are compared to the model response and the validity of the model is checked for the Italian grid code compliance.