Power Quality measurement campaign in Jordan completed

During a period of 2 years (since June 2017), Energynautics has measured the power quality in the Jordan refugee camp Al Zaatari. With several installed measurement devices in the low voltage grid, Energynautics could prove that the PV-plant has no negative influence on power quality indices, such as total harmonic distortion, unbalances and flicker. Besides of rare exceptions the requirements of standard EN 50160 on power quality have been fulfilled. The only measurable influence of the PV-plant has been detected in the voltage magnitude. Compared to the time before the PV-plant was connected, it was increased by a few Volts during noon (see below). The problem has been solved by operating the PV-plant with a power factor of 0.9 inductive since June 2018. Since then, no overvoltages have been observed any more.

At the end of May, Energynautics’ employee Jan-David Schmidt traveled to Jordan to collect the installed measurement devices and to evaluate the most recent measurement data. The final report was completed in July and the project thus concluded successfully.

The smooth collaboration of all participants shall be repeated in a future project: Energynautics’ will conduct a similar measurement campaign with the same team in Egypt, where a PV-plant with up to 50 MW shall be built. At the moment the contract is negotiated.

Voltage and feed-in power of the PV-plant during the days around commissioning. The start of operation and resulting voltage increase is marked with a red circle. In the subsequent days the voltage is increased during noon compared to the days before the connection of the PV-plant.