How-to guide for variable renewable energy integration

In the context of building capacity on studies on integrating variable renewable energy (VRE), Energynautics was solicited to develop a “How-to” guide for the power industry stakeholders in the Philippines, highlighting important issues and detailing the types of studies that should be conducted to aid the integration of VRE in the Philippine power system. The how-to guide provides step-by-step instructions for determining the maximum possible penetration level of VRE, the potential operational impacts, and implications for the provision of different ancillary services in the Philippines. The guide describes the main modelling approaches, data requirements, and scenarios that need to be analyzed in order to identify impacts of different levels of renewable energy penetration. It also provides a summary of international experiences in dealing with VRE integration, and the approaches that are used to study the operational impacts.

Final Report: A Guide to Operational Impact Analysis of Variable Renewables: Application to the Philippines

World Bank / Philippines

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