Grid Code Development:

We are Your Competent Partner for Customized Grid Codes

Grid Codes are regulations that define the technical requirements and the behavior of all participants in the power system. Thus, they are an essential tool for a safe integration of renewable generation into the grid. In order to ensure optimal network operation, Grid Codes need to fit the respective system and have to be revised in regular intervals. We from Energynautics would love to do that for you – take advantage of our expertise!

We offer international experience with technical rules and standards

Grid Codes often consist of a multitude of documents. Each document covers a certain area of the technical rules and standards. In many countries, Grid Codes consist of grown structures that were adjusted time and again over the years. For the design or revision of Grid Code documents a profound analysis of both the particular system and the technical and economic conditions is essential. A significant factor is the future extension of renewable energies in the grid that needs to be considered in order to prevent maladjustment and potentially far-reaching technical problems.

We are experts in designing Grid Codes

Through years of pioneering work in the integration of renewable energies into networks and power markets, Energynautics has gained expert knowledge. We are conducting competent analyses and come to the right conclusions to establish sound and customized Grid Codes for our customers. We consider not only the current conditions, but also possible future developments, as shown in our projects on Barbados and the Seychelles, for instance. Benefit from our experience, and let’s develop your optimum Grid Code together.

We create synergy effects 

But we can do even more! Use our expertise for your grid integration study and create synergy effects. In many cases a grid study is essential in order to develop a sound Grid Code and to determine all the system’s relevant parameters. Grid Code compliance – analyzing compliance with technical regulations – is a critical issue, especially for smaller system operators. As a specialist in the area of power generator modeling, we use state-of-the-art analysis tools and methods: a definite advantage for developing Grid Codes. Energynautics offers an all-round carefree package for all questions regarding network integration of renewable energies. Talk to us about your project, we will find the suitable answers!

In brief
  • Informed analysis, design and revision of Grid Codes
  • International experience, also in developing countries
  • In-house synergies with other areas of expertise

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A Selection of our References.

Revision of Grid Codes for the Dominican Power System

Commissioned by GIZ, Energynautics conducted a revision of the transmission grid codes in the Dominican Republic to ensure their suitability for large scale VRE integration.

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Rooftop PV policy in Vietnam

To support the Electricity Regulatory Authority of Vietnam, Energynautics developed technical requirements for rooftop solar PV installations in Vietnam, taking existing regulations, international best practices, and local development targets into account.

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Review of the Mongolian Grid Code

Energynautics was commissioned by the World Bank in 2018 to assist the Mongolian system operator to update their grid code.

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