Grid Optimization Software ENAplan:

Power System Simulation with Your Choice of Detail

Do you want to identify your optimal grid extension? Are you looking for a method for fast and effective calculation of power plant utilization and load flows? We provide you with the optimum solution: ENAplan, our in-house optimization software.

Based on a linearized model of load flows and a simplified simulation of the electricity market, ENAplan achieves high processing speed. This is particularly important for the simulation of large network areas over entire years with a time resolution of 15 or 60 minutes. Such simulations are extremely useful for sensitivity analyses in scenarios for the future. Interfaces for data exchange with other software tools allow for even more detailed simulations. Regardless of the required level of detail: our flexible network optimization software ENAplan is the right choice.

We continuously enhance our software for your benefit

Originally ENAplan was developed in order to assess the network extension necessary for 2030 and 2050 in several projects; back then it was just a simple tool for a fast optimization of many different scenarios. What we have learned from our long lasting activities since then in various projects: in studies with shorter time frames, not only grid extensions, but also the electricity markets as well as the generation schedule of conventional power plants are key influencing factors for the integration of renewable energies. For our customer’s benefit we incorporate our project experiences and learning processes directly into the development of our software. Among the key software functionalities today are:

  • Optimization algorithms for grid extension and capacity planning
  • A simplified model of the electricity market
  • Tools for calculating cross-border transfer capacities
  • Models for thermal power plants
  • Models for optimized utilization of hydro power plants

We make sure our optimization software is always up to date. And in case you need additional functionality, we’ll just develop it together. We assist you in maximizing your benefits!

If you require fast answers – simplified models for fast sensitivity analyses

Energynautics has developed an aggregated network model of the European power system. In combination with a linearized dispatch optimization with per-node resolution we can achieve high processing speed. This enables us to calculate a large number of full-year simulation runs with various scenarios simultaneously for sensitivity analyses. This has proven an effective approach for investigation of renewable energy expansion scenarios, especially when desired results include grid extension and conventional dispatch for time frames from 2030 to 2050. We also offer well-proven models for the optimization of power feed-in and operation of storage in the distribution network. And if you want to go into even more detail, we can cross-check and validate the results in a two-stage process with a more complex and more detailed model.

If you need exact answers: high level of detail for extensive network studies

When a system integration project calls for more detailed grid studies, we easily extend ENAplan’s basic functions with various modules. Examples for expandabilities are:

  • Optimized hydropower and storage models; on the electricity market as well as on the transmission network level and in the distribution network
  • Optimized distribution of power reserves
  • Ability for calculating a failsafe dispatch of conventional and renewable energy power plants with variable failure levels.

Because close coupling with DIgSILENT’s PowerFactory software is possible, ENAplan can utilize detailed network models and validate the results with AC-load flows, failure analyses and dynamic stability calculations. For simulations of the power market that transcend the level of detail of ENAplan’s own power market model, ENAplan can interface with external market models. Thus, we are able to achieve a detailed representation of different market coupling models in the network, for instance. This flexibility makes ENAplan the first choice when it comes to network optimization.

In brief
  • Multifunctional and well-proven tool for dispatching power plants and network extension
  • Simplified models enable fast sensitivity analyses
  • Direct coupling to detailed market and network models enable calculations with high level of detail

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