Power Generating Unit Modelling:

Accurate Modelling and Credible Validation are Prerequisites for Safe Operation

Power generating units and plants require verification of certain capabilities in order to be connected to the German medium and high voltage electricity grid. These capabilities are checked by accredited certification bodies. Not all of the capabilities can or should be verified by tests and measurements, therefore precise simulation models are required. Energynautics has established itself as an expert in the area of modelling and simulation.

We are the market leader – our experience is your profit

We have created numerous dynamic models of power generating units with varying technologies, including the modelling of inverter-based systems (wind power, PV) and synchronous generators with various drive systems.

The figures demonstrate our success:

  • More than 40 of our models have been certified by various certification bodies using the validation process according to FGW TR4
  • Energynautics has developed 50% of all certified models for internal combustion engines throughout Germany.
  • Since 2019, we have been developing models according to the new RfG compliant guideline VDE-AR-N 4110. Our CHP models are among the first that are certified according to that guideline.

We have an eye for all the important components

As a long-time stakeholder in this area of expertise, we are in very good contact with generator manufacturers, control suppliers and certification bodies. This allows us to react quickly and efficiently to inquiries about modelling. We are also happy to create models for your own tests, strictly according to your specifications. This allows you to replace or supplement measurements on prototypes with simulations. The perfect way to reduce your development costs!

You need a model? No problem!

We are your experts in the creation of models in DIgSILENT’s simulation software PowerFactory. At your request, we are happy to offer other simulation environments as well. Whether you are looking for customized model development for you own controller, or the implementation of a third-party product, we will find the solution for your requirements.

Take advantage of our well-developed tools and models, as well as our experience in different technologies and knowledge of manufacturers:

  • Model development of controllers supplied by, e.g., Woodward, ComAp, DEIF, Bachmann, ABB, Leroy-Somer, Marelli and Cummins
  • System identification and parameter adaption based on measurement analysis
  • Model accuracy evaluation in accordance with the German FGW TR4 (also according to the new IEC standard)
  • Family grouping utilizing the German FGW TR8 along with preliminary stability studies and simple configuration through templates
  • Versatile adaption to manufacturer-specific characteristics though implementation of our synchronous generator model

In brief
  • Model development for power generating units of all types and their components
  • Execution of model validations based on recognized guidelines
  • 50% of all nationwide certified models for internal combustion engines originate from Energynautics
Customized and RfG compliant models

Since 2019, we have been developing simulation models and compliance simulations in accordance with RfG. Read more about the pan-European Grid Codes by ENTSO-E and about how Energynautics supports you in making your validation and certification process as smooth as possible.

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