Dr. Ackermann lectures at Virtual Training on Renewable Energy Grid Integration

The Energynautics CEO contributed various lectures to the training organized by GIZ in association with POSOCO and NPTI.

In February 2021, Energynautics CEO Dr. Thomas Ackermann held his final lectures in a series of training courses on Renewable Energy Grid Integration. The virtual lectures for the fourth and final group were executed in cooperation with the National Power Training Institute (NPTI), the Power System Operation Corporation of India (POSOCO) and German development agency Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ).

While the Energynautics CEO had the chance to meet the participants face-to-face for the first three meetings in 2019 and February 2020, the final course was held virtually. Dr. Thomas Ackermann was part of a skilled team of trainers with many years of experience in applied research on grid integration of renewable energies as well as in the implementation of blended learning courses.

His lectures concentrated on Grid and System Integration Studies. During the virtual course, he gave an overview and an introduction to relevant international studies as well as lectures on system adequacy, security and operation studies. A presentation on the application to transmission networks was followed by an exercise on Grid and System Integration Studies.

The training was part of a certification program by GIZ in association with POSOCO & NPTI. It was designed for system operators who work in the area of operating and managing the grid with high share of RE as well as policy makers and regulators.

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