Verification of the compliance of a generation plant with the German Grid Code

First complete individual verification procedure from Energynautics.

As the market leader in Germany for combined heat and power plant simulation models, Energynautics has now completed the first plant certification using the individual verification procedure. A gas turbine with a capacity of approximately 10 MW was certified.

The certification process was accompanied by the certification body Moeller Operating Engineering GmbH (M.O.E.). The cooperation between Energynautics and M.O.E. worked smoothly. The Darmstadt-based consulting company, which has many years of experience in the field of unit and plant modeling. With more than 70 simulation models for proof of compliance and more than 50 certified and validated models, Energynautics is the market leader for simulation models of generators with combustion engines in Germany and has developed more than 50% of all models of this type on the market.

The individual verification procedure is an alternative method to demonstrate compliance of generation equipment with the Grid Code in Germany. It includes four essential steps for obtaining the plant certificate C, which Energynautics has successively carried out for M.O.E., with the exception of measurement:

  • Preliminary compliance study with a simulation model
  • Measurements on the real plant
  • Validation of the simulation model with the measured data
  • Final compliance study with the validated model

Since the final compliance study has been passed, the plant may now be put into operation without any restrictions.

The particular challenge of the individual verification procedure lies in the validation and fine-tuning of the model with the measured data, as the allowed deviations between simulation and measurement are very small. Thanks to Energynautics’ many years of experience in creating simulation models of power plants, the Darmstadt-based company was able to successfully adjust the model and meet the accuracy requirements.

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