Snoopi – Control de red inteligente con alimentación fotovoltaica

As part of the European Solar Era Net project, the Federal Ministry of Economic Affairs and Energy in Germany supports the affiliated project Snoopi (Smart Network Control with Coordinated PV Infeed). The main objective is to pave the way for a higher penetration of photovoltaics. In order to do so, the project partners Energynautics GmbH, EWR Netz GmbH, Royal Institute of Technology Sweden and Fronius International GmbH joined forces to develop a voltage control mechanism for existing PV battery systems and other regulating devices, such as transformer tap controllers, and test it in simulation models and in existing electricity grids with high penetration of PV. The voltage regulation tool will be designed to be scalable and transferable and will be applicable to all distribution systems with high PV infeed. By designing it to maintain the voltage levels within set boundaries, the PV penetration can be increased without inducing grid problems.

Ministerio Federal de Economía y Energía, Alemania

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SNOOPI project enters final phase: Performing field tests (January 2018)