Energynautics participated at 3DMicroGrid final meeting

and 3rd Energy Day Conference in Malta

At 9th October the final 3DMicroGrid meeting with participants from all involved universities and companies took place at MCAST in Malta. There, the final project results have been presented. In 3DMicroGrid project, the project partners have developed a micro grid concept, which uses agent-based control algorithms. Unfortunately it has not been possible to implement and demonstrate the microgrid at the campus of the Malta College of Arts, Science & Technology (MCAST), as it was originally planned. Consequently, the planned demonstration was limited to simulations, for now. However, it is still envisaged to implement the microgrid, which will comprise photovoltaic, diesel generators, batteries and controllable loads at MCAST campus. Hence the project was extended for another 6 months to facilitate the implementation and demonstration of the microgrid concept.

At the next day the 3rd Energy Day Conference took place at MCAST. There, speakers from the 3DMicroGrid project team and external speakers presented on different microgrid-related aspects. Nis Martensen from Energynautics held a presentation on protection issues in microgrids.

The presentation of Nis Martensen is available here.

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