Grid Studies:

Simulation and Optimization Ensure Cost-Effective Transformation of the Power System

When integrating renewable energies into electrical power systems, numerous questions arise:

How much capacity can be integrated without compromising system security? Which technologies are the best fit? Which location is ideal for the installation and connection of specific units into the grid? How much grid extension is necessary? What measures are available to reduce grid extension needs? How can static and dynamic system stability be guaranteed? Is the amount of reserve power sufficient?

Our strength: extensive knowledge of various systems

In numerous projects, Energynautics has given sound answers to these questions. We use advanced calculation tools to perform sophisticated network and market simulations. The systems that Energynautics has analyzed so far range from small island systems (Seychelles, Barbados) to interconnected national grids (e.g., Costa Rica, Germany) up to continental systems like the UCTE network. In all these different cases, we were able to provide custom-fit solutions.

Our experience and our optimization tool – your solution and your benefit

In our analyses, our advanced optimization tool ENAplan delivers simultaneous optimization of power plant dispatch, grid extension and storage application. Furthermore, we use DIgSILENT PowerFactory for the calculation of load flows and for dynamic stability analyses. We have long-standing experience in detailed fault analyses with respect to frequency, voltage and rotor angle stability. Our profound understanding of the technical context enables us to make precise suggestions for upgrading particular units, adjusting the grid codes, or adapting the protection settings. This is our contribution to help you maintain safe and stable network operation.

Use our knowledge to optimize your reserves

Sufficient power reserve is crucial for secure network operation. Fluctuations of wind and solar power generation need to be taken into account when dimensioning the power reserve. Energynautics has developed an innovative method to determine the optimum secondary reserve that does just that! We have thought of everything: an optimized secondary reserve gives you service security and cost-efficiency at once.

Together, we will find the answers to your questions!

We have already analyzed many diverse power systems in transition. Thus, we are not only familiar with the wide range of problems that may arise but also with the best ways to approach them. We are going to find a custom-fit solution for you as well!

In brief
  • Energynautics is familiar with the wide variety of challenges that come with the integration of renewable energies: from network optimization to dynamic stability analyses and grid codes to the dimensioning of the power reserve.
  • In numerous projects Energynautics has developed solutions for various different system types (from small islands to transnational grids).

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