Renewable Energies:

The Future of Energy Supply

In contrast to power generation based on fossil fuels (coal, oil and gas), generation based on renewable resources (wind, solar, water and biomass) does not increase the concentration of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. Greenhouse gases are the main reason for climate change, which leads to more frequent occurrence of hazardous weather phenomena, to increasing glacier melt, flooding and devastation of whole areas. Renewable energies are crucial for any sustainable energy supply.

What is behind all this?

Where only little hydropower is available, the development of renewable energy based power supply must rely mainly on wind and solar power plants. However, generation from wind and solar power is dependent on weather conditions and thus fluctuating. This stands in contrast to the predictable power supply based on conventional power plants and leads to a fundamental transformation of the generation profile.

Furthermore, renewable power plants often have considerably smaller capacities than conventional power plants; many of them are connected to existing distribution networks. Therefore, the role of the distribution networks is changing, which makes their behavior more variable and therefore less dependable. However, new possibilities and opportunities for grid optimization arise as well.

The shift in the power supply poses major challenges for network operators, suppliers, regulatory authorities and policy makers. Energynautics provides expertise in developing solutions to meet those challenges.

In brief
  • Renewable energies play an essential role for a sustainable energy supply.
  • The operational properties of renewable power plants differ from those of conventional power plants.
  • The integration of renewable energies into the energy supply network poses major challenges on different levels.

Consultancy, Research and Development:

A Selection of our Broad Service Portfolio.

Grid Studies

When integrating renewable energies, questions of system security and cost-efficiency arise. We have the right answers! By means of detailed analyses, simulations and lots of experience.

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Smart Grid Consulting

Smart Grids need to fit your operation and your objectives. We take care of that! By means of custom-fit control algorithms and competent, manufacturer-independent consulting services.

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Grid Code Development

Grid Codes are crucial to a safe integration of renewable energies into the grid. We design and revise them for you! With international experience and expert knowledge.

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