Project for OMNIA successfully concluded

Connection Point Assessment for New HVDC Connector Between Spain and Italy

Technical consultancy company OMNIA aims to propose the APOLLO-LINK, a new subsea HVDC connection linking Spain and Italy, for inclusion in ENTSO-E’s Ten Year Network Development Plan (TYNDP). Energynautics, on behalf of OMNIA, conducted an analysis to assess the technical viability of potential onshore connection points for this HVDC link. The objective is to fulfill the technical requirements outlined in ENTSO-E’s guidelines for project promoters (4th ENTSO-E CBA Guideline and TYNDP 2024 Guidance for Applicants).

The analysis, conducted in PyPSA using a European transmission system model, included estimating usable NTC (Net Transfer Capacity) values for the new interconnector in both directions. This comprehensive assessment identified potential grid bottlenecks post-connection, aiding OMNIA in selecting optimal connection points based on technical feasibility and usable NTC considerations.

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