Prove of compliance of a generator with Italian grid code

First Energynautics model certified for Italian guidelines CEI 0-16

In spring 2022, Energynautics completed the first certification of a generator according to the Italian guidelines CEI 0-16. The certified generation unit was a 210 kW combined heat and power plant (CHP). The Italian certification process consists of both measurements and simulations. Energynautics was responsible for the development of the simulation model as well as the execution of the compliance simulations.

The European grid code “Requirements for Generators” (RfG, EU regulation 2016/631) contains the basic requirement to deliver simulation models before connecting a generator to the grid. In Italy, this requirement is detailed in the grid codes CEI 0-16 (for high and medium voltage) and CEI 0-21 (for low voltage).
The specified procedure includes measurements and simulations of several tests such as: setpoint steps, reaction to voltage changes, reaction to frequency changes, change in control modes and others. In the next step, simulation and measurement results of the different tests are compared. The model is validated, if the deviation between simulation and measurement is less than 5 % in steady state and 25 % during transients.
The final step is to conduct Fault-Ride-Through (FRT) simulations with the validated simulation model to prove the stability of the generator. These tests do not have to be performed in measurements.

As market leader for CHP simulation models in Germany, with additional experience in numerous other European and non-European countries, Energynautics was an obvious choice to do the compliance simulations for the Italian market. The next Italian project, this time for a 5 MW steam turbine, is already in the pipeline.

For further information on power generating unit modelling see the Energynautics services on this website.

FRT envelope according to CEI 0-16 / FRT-Hüllkurve gemäß CEI 0-16

FRT envelope according to CEI 0-16 / FRT-Hüllkurve gemäß CEI 0-16