Development of EV Charging Guideline to Incentivize Charging Station Development.

Accelerating EV Charging Infrastructure Growth

Energynautics was commissioned by GIZ to develop recommendations for integrating electric vehicle charging stations into Bangladesh’s regulatory framework. The objective was to support the Sustainable and Renewable Energy Development Authority (SREDA) in accelerating EV charging infrastructure growth in Bangladesh.

The assignment included two main tasks. In the first part, extensive capacity building on technical and policy aspects of electric vehicle charging was carried out through online workshops and a written report.
The SREDA employees involved in the trainings benefited greatly from Energynautics’ core expertise on grid integration aspects of electric vehicles in addition to public charging station development strategies

In the second part of the assignment, Energynautics developed a framework to apply the relevant findings of the first project part to Bangladesh’s regulation. Following extensive stakeholder consultation, the project was concluded on 15 April 2021. SREDA will now take the next steps towards legal implementation of the framework.