Barbados Grid Code Review

The Barbados Light & Power Company (BLPC) has commissioned Energynautics to review and expand its grid code, which regulates the technical requirements for distributed generators to connect to the utility’s grid.

Barbados, which has a peak load of around 150 MW, is experiencing fast growth of distributed solar installations on the island. The government aims to cover 29% of its energy needs using renewables by 2029. The growth of renewables on Barbados means that the grid code needs to be updated to accommodate the changing circumstances of the power system. The Barbados Intermittent Penetration Study identified several changes to the grid code necessary in order to integrate more renewables, including requirements for fault ride through capabilities and voltage control.

Energynautics has revised the Barbados Grid Code in light of these recommendations, and developed new Planning and Operation Codes for the Grid Code.

Barbados Light & Power Company, Barbados

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