Handbook on Planning and Operating an E-Mobility Infrastructure

Energynautics together with RE-xpertise developed a handbook on best practices for the integration of electric vehicles into the distribution grid. The analysis conducted for the Deutsche Energie-Argentur (DENA) in the framework of the German-Turkish Energy Partnership included planning and operation procedures relevant to future grid operation. Key addressed questions were:

  • Which impact do electric vehicles have on the distribution grid?
  • How do they affect the grid planning and operation?
  • Which remedial measures exist besides grid extensions?
  • How can the Distribution System Operator (DSO) contribute to the development of adequate regulation?
  • What are the crucial regulatory aspects affecting the DSO’s operation?
  • Which of those aspects in an existing or proposed battery electric vehicles related regulation are clearly critical from a DSO’s perspective and need to be addressed in direct communication with the authorities?

Results were distributed in a corresponding report and presentations to key stakeholder during a German Turkish Energy Partnership event.

German Energy Agency (dena)

12/2021 – 05/2022