Development of generator models to prove grid code compliance

Power generating units and plants require verification of certain capabilities to be connected to the electricity grid. Energynautics develops dynamic simulation models of all kinds of technologies (thermal power plants, wind turbines, pure inverters which are used with PV or batteries) to prove compliance with the requirements of grid codes. These simulation models typically replicate the behavior of the generation unit during Fault Ride Through (FRT) or frequency deviation and show the reaction to setpoint steps and other situations.

Market Leader in Germany for CHP simulation models
Altogether, Energynautics has developed more than 70 simulation models for compliance simulations. More than 50 of the models have been certified and validated by an independent certification institute by comparing simulation results with measurements. The remaining models do not require certification according to the relevant grid code.

In Germany, we are the market leader for simulation models of generators with combustion engines having developed more than 50% of all models in the market of this kind. Our models are applied for all relevant VDE guidelines (4105, 4110, 4120, and 4130) and have been validated according to the FGW technical guidelines. We develop models for unit certificates as well as for the individual verification procedure.
The main part of the model development for combined heat and power plants (CHPs) is typically the creation and tuning of the reactive power and voltage controller model. Since 2010, we have created and used models of controllers from Woodward, ComAp, DEIF, Bachmann, ABB, Leroy Somer, Marelli, Cummins and many others.

Customized and RfG compliant models
With the emergence of the European grid code “Requirements for Generators” (RfG, EU-Regulation 2016/631), the demand for simulation models has increased strongly in Europe and other regions. Besides the German market, we have developed simulation models for the application in various other countries, such as Denmark, France, Italy, Ireland, Belgium, Mexico, and others. Our customers are manufacturers of generators, turbines, CHP plants, wind turbines and inverters, such as Nidec (Leroy Somer), Kawasaki, Partzsch, Viessmann, Freqcon, 2G, S&L Energie, AVAT and many others.

Numerous manufacturers of generators, turbines, combined heat and power plants (CHPs), and inverters

2010 – ongoing