Optimal Asset Sizing for Phase 3 of the Markbygden Wind Farm, the Largest Onshore Wind Farm in Europe

Energynautics was commissioned by B+S grid solutions GmbH to develop the static analysis of the third phase of the Markbygden wind farm. This wind farm, located in the north of Sweden, comprises three different phases with a total of 1101 windmills. Its full commissioning is planned for 2021 when it will become one of the largest inshore wind farms in Europe.

In close collaboration with B+S grid solutions Energynautics successfully performed the following tasks:
– Development of static grid model of the wind farm in DIgSILENT PowerFactory
– Comparison of different potential wind farm layouts and selection based on annual losses performance.
– Estimation of annual generation, losses and equipment loading via quasi-dynamic simulation for the selected wind farm layout.
– Elaboration of a cost-benefit analysis (CBA) under technical consideration for the sizing of the wind farm equipment. Technical considerations included aspects such as thermal limits, short-circuit rating or loading of equipment.
– Performance of reactive power analysis which included the optimal sizing of the assets for the provision of reactive power support in order to guarantee compliance with the grid codes.
– Short circuit analysis

B+S grid solutions GmbH

2019 – 2020