Draft Solar Grid Code for Vietnam

A large potential for solar power generation exists in Vietnam, which was still largely untapped until 2017. Only a few megawatts of PV were installed in the entire country. However, the Vietnam National Power Development Plan aims to change that, setting installed PV capacity targets of 850 MW until 2020 and 12 GW until 2030. To accomplish this in an economic manner, while maintaining system safety and security, the regulatory framework and necessary technical standards must be developed.

The Electricity Regulatory Authority of Vietnam (ERAV) of the Ministry of Industry and Trade (MoIT) requested EUEI PDF’s technical advice concerning the first net metering scheme in Vietnam, which focuses on solar rooftop installations. Energynautics together with Meister Consultants Group were commissioned to review the developed framework, propose improvements and new technical requirements based on international experience, and conduct training and stakeholder workshops for capacity building and discussion. A study for evaluation of system impact in a demonstration area was conducted as well.


Further information:

EUEI PDF: European Union Energy Initiative Partnership Dialogue Facility