VRE Grid Integration Study in the Dominican Republic

Supervision and step-by-step support of a renewable energy grid integration study in the Dominican Republic

To support the ambitious Variable Renewable Energy (VRE) integration plans for the Dominican Power System, GET.transform teamed up with GIZ’s program Energy Transition Project through a Leveraged Partnership and contracted Energynautics to supervise a renewable energy integration study conducted by the OC1 as the Dominican power system’s planning body. The general objective of the study is to develop operational strategies based on already existing expansion plans in line with the government’s renewable energy targets. These plans include a significant share of VRE, especially PV, that could increase instantaneous penetration of non-synchronous generation to up to 70 %, which is expected to result in operational challenges.

The OC is conducting dispatch simulations, steady state and dynamic grid analyses, as well as economic evaluations of all scenarios, with support from Energynautics at each step along the way. This includes Energynautics reviewing the input and output data for the grid integration studies, discussing the assumptions and results of each milestone with the OC, giving advice for improvement as well as ad hoc support during the course of the study.

[1] Organismo Coordinador del Sistema Eléctrico Nacional Interconectado de la República Dominicana, Inc.

GIZ contact person

Manasés Mercedes