VRE Integration Study Dominican Republic

Energynautics provide capacity building with regard to renewable energy integration studies to Dominican power system stakeholders

On a mission to advance the Green Recovery, the GET.transform project teamed up with the GIZ-implemented Technical Assistance Programme for Sustainable Energy in the Caribbean (TAPSEC) and contracted Energynautics in late 2021 to provide capacity development training in preparation for a renewable energy integration study in the Dominican Republic.

Around 500 MW of variable renewable energy (VRE) are already connected to the Dominican system, and the country plans to quickly expand that portfolio to fulfil the 25 % renewable electricity target set for 2025. With the Dominican system being synchronously independent and covering a peak demand of around 3 GW, system stability issues are a valid concern as renewable energy penetration rises. For this reason, the Coordinating Body (OC), who oversee system planning and market operation, are planning to conduct studies in 2022 to determine the system limits and identify enabling measures to raise the renewable energy share securely and efficiently.

After revising the transmission grid code and conducting distribution system impact studies in the Dominican Republic in 2020 and 2021, Energynautics will provide capacity development training to the OC, share international experience with comparable studies, and help with developing the exact study scope. The study will be executed by the OC, in coordination with the transmission operator ETED, the regulator SIE and the responsible ministries.

GIZ contact person

Daniel Almarza