Energynautics presents at the CIGRE Session 2018

Energynautics participated at this year’s CIGRE Session 2018, one of the largest conferences in the field of power system engineering. We presented a paper from the DESIGNETZ research project which dealt with one of multiple ‘Smart Market’ concepts currently discussed in Germany. The concept was developed by the German Association of Energy and Water Industries (BDEW), therefore entitled the ‘BDEW traffic light concept’. The aim of this concept is to develop new market mechanisms that incentivize flexibilities to effectively mitigate grid congestions on the distribution and transmission level. Particularly in recent years the number of redispatch and feed-in management measures have risen sharply, leading to increased cost and curtailment of wind power production in the north of Germany to avoid grid congestions. Hence, new mechanisms are necessary to achieve a coupling between the market and the applicable grid constraints.

Energynautics analysed the operating principles and interactions of the concept through simulations by testing it on a distribution grid of the German DSO EWR Netz GmbH. This allowed us to draw conclusions on the applicability of this concept for the considered and other distribution grids.

The results were thoroughly discussed during the CIGRE session. Out of 35 contributions, the paper was selected as the best paper of the C6 Session ‘Active Distribution Systems and Distributed Energy Resources’.


Full paper for download:

Ackermann, Thomas, et al. “Effectiveness of different flexibility options and innovative network technologies for the use in the BDEW traffic light concept, on the basis of a German distribution grid.” CIGRE Session 2018. CIGRE, 2018

It may also be downloaded from e-CIGRE here.