EV Charging Guidelines for Dominican Republic developed by Energynautics

GET.transform Publishes Short Paper featuring Project Findings

The Dominican Republic has been experiencing a rapid increase in electric vehicle (EV) adoption, accompanied by a surge in charging station installations. However, the absence of governmental regulations has led the Dominican Superintendency of Electricity (SIE) to look for support in developing comprehensive guidelines covering technical and tariff aspects of EV charging, ensuring equitable access for all stakeholders. Support was provided by the the Energy Transition Project funded by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Climate Action and implemented by GIZ which tapped into the expertise of GET.transform and Energynautics by means of a Leveraged Partnership. The new regulation came into force in December 2022 and largely draws on the project report with recommendations by GET.transform, Energynautics and the Energy Transition Project and thus provides a framework for sustainable EV regulations in the region.

In conjunction with this collaboration, GET.transform has recently released a short paper highlighting international EV regulation experiences and the case study from the Dominican Republic. The paper, written by Energynautics and drawing from the Dominican project findings, underscores the potential of EVs, especially when combined with renewable energy, to decarbonize the transportation sector. Regulatory challenges related to new mobility patterns and grid use are also addressed.

Read more in the short paper on Electric Vehicle Charging Regulation.