Improving India’s DER integration standards

Energynautics will conduct a technical review to help India’s distribution grids prepare for large scale renewable integration.

India has set a target to install 500 GW of renewable energy capacity by the year 2030. A significant amount of this capacity will be connected to the low voltage distribution grid. These Distributed Energy Resources (DER) will dynamically change the distribution grid in India. Distribution companies will need to adapt in order to maintain system stability and reliability.

To facilitate the deployment of large scale DER in the distribution grid, there is a need of updating Indian technical standards for DER interconnection and integration. Energynautics along with its Indian partner Idam Infrastructure Advisory has been tasked by GIZ to perform a gap analysis of India’s existing DER integration standards and international best practices.

The goal of this assignment is to support key stakeholders in India by providing a basis for the development of technical and economically efficient standards. Energynautics will identify challenges and opportunities for DER integration in distribution grids. The Energynautics-Engineers will review international and Indian technical standards as well as compliance mechanisms and consult stakeholders to help in the decision-making process for the development of technical standards for the distribution grid in India.