Power system planning

in the Caribbean region utilizing PLEXOS

A consortium led by Energynautics has been awarded by GIZ with the project Energy System Expansion Plan Technical cooperation with CARICOM; a new project in the area of power systems planning and integration of renewables. The project is currently underway and it has as one of its main objectives the development of the 25 years Capacity Expansion Plan with a relevant role of renewable electricity generation for the power systems of the CARICOM member states of Trinidad and Tobago and Guyana. PLEXOS Market Simulation Software is the main software tool employed for the study. Energynautics is being supported by Cadmus and a pool of regional experts in this project.  The Capacity Expansion Plan is one of the main components of the Integrate Resource and Resiliency plan (IRRP) for both CARICOM states which is being co-ordinated regionally by the Caribbean Centre for Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency (CCREEE).

Thus, Energynautics continues to put its expertise in the area of power systems planning and Renewables at the service of its clients, as well as its extensive experience in the use of techno-economic analysis tools in power systems.

Further information on Energynautics’ longstanding experience in grid studies and simulations.