Project DESIGNETZ is in full swing

The joint project DESIGNETZ, funded by the German program “SINTEG: Smart Energy Showcases – Digital Agenda for the Energy Transition”, has started in January 2017. The investigations conducted by Energynautics on behalf of the participating distribution system operator EWR Netz GmbH are well on their way.

New electrical equipment and operation modes are getting tested, that facilitate every increasing shares of renewable energy in the German distribution grid. EWR is one of those grid operators that experiences renewable energy supply that exceeds local demand by a multiple during certain times in the year. In these cases, forward-looking concepts and innovative technologies are needed to avoid curtailment of renewable energy plants and ensure a feed-in close to 100%. Together with EWR we will test and implement wide area voltage control, on-load tap changer transformers, and reactive power control by wind and photovoltaic power plants. Supported by data coming from newly installed smart meters, the current status of the grid will be continuously monitored and problems quickly identified.

The different technologies are brought together in a so-called network management system that retrieves all needed data on a continuous basis and controls the grid assets accordingly. By developing these technologies and carrying them out on a large scale, the insights from SINTEG will form a blueprint that will not only help EWR but distribution system operators, worldwide. With that we ensure that not only today but also in the future our grids can be operated safely and efficiently while transitioning to an electricity grid with 100% renewables.


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