Ancillary Service Review for Mexican Power System Regulator

Commissioned by GIZ with support from GET.transform, Energynautics engineers conducted an in-depth ancillary service review for the Mexican power system from June through September 2020. The objective of this assignment was to provide the Mexican power system regulator with detailed information on international best practice for a number of services and develop recommendations for their introduction or revision of existing procurement schemes in Mexico. The focus was on the following five areas:

  • Introduction of inertia as a remunerated ancillary service as currently practiced in Ireland;
  • Revision of the primary reserve provision scheme and potential introduction of fast frequency response (FFR) from inverter-based sources;
  • Analysis of different reactive power procurement schemes involving both conventional and renewable generators;
  • Remuneration of additional ramping and flexibility services from conventional units and demand resources as currently practiced in California;
  • The necessity to adapt black start plans to operational situations with high penetration levels of renewable energy.

A workshop with one commissioner’s office of the regulator to discuss these points and Energynautics’ findings was conducted in August 2020, and the final report was delivered in September 2020.

Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ), Mexico


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