Record Attendance and Insightful Discussions Highlight the Path to a Sustainable Energy Future

Successful Conclusion: 8th Hybrid Power Plants & Systems Workshop in the Azores, Portugal

The 8th Hybrid Power Plants & Systems Workshop in the Azores, Portugal, has concluded with great success, drawing over 160 international attendees. This year’s event was the most popular edition in recent memory, highlighting the growing interest and importance of hybrid power systems and hybrid power plants.

Throughout the workshop, participants engaged in 20 sessions featuring more than 80 speakers, who provided valuable insights into the complexities and innovations of hybrid power systems. Keynote presentations with a focus on the hosting Azores included:

  • Azorean Energy Strategy 2030 by Dra. Joana Ferreira Rita
  • Electrical Energy Production across the Azorean Islands by Paulo Jorge da Costa André
  • Roadmap toward 100% Renewable Energy in the Azores by Fernando José de Melo Henriques
  • The Hybrid Power Plant project in Graciosa Island by Duarte Conde Silva

In addition to the informative sessions, attendees participated in networking events, an introductory tutorial, and a study trip to energy facilities on São Miguel. These activities fostered vibrant discussions and collaboration among experts and enthusiasts.

Looking ahead, we invite all interested parties to prepare for the next Call for Papers in September 2024.

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to all participants, speakers, and our local partners at EDA for their invaluable support. It is our great pleasure working together towards a sustainable energy future.