Steps towards updating the Eswatini Grid Codes: Workshops on grid codes held with Eswatini stakeholders

Study to Update Eswatini Grid Codes Begins with Capacity Building of Key Stakeholders

The European programme GET.transform contracted Energynautics to support the update of the Eswatini Grid Codes in a context of increasing distributed generation, advancement in technologies, and increased need for regional harmonization to facilitate cross-border resource sharing.

Energynautics has partnered with Chown and Associates and DIgSILENT Buyisa to support Eswatini Energy Regulatory Authority (ESERA) with the update of the existing Grid Code, to develop a new Distribution Network Code, and to provide corresponding capacity building to stakeholders.

As part of this effort, two workshops were held from 27-29 of June with participants from the Eswatini Electricity Company, the Eswatini Energy Regulatory Authority, and the Grid Code Review Panel. A capacity building workshop took place in Mbabane, where key aspects of Grid Codes were discussed including European and Southern African practices. The second workshop was held online to compare and benchmark the current Eswatini grid code sections against their counterparts in selected European and Southern African countries.

Both workshops resulted in fruitful interactions with the stakeholders and gave the project team valuable input to better understand the local context and expectations towards the new grid code versions to be developed. The project will continue until December 2023.

Participants of the capacity building workshop held on 27-28th July. Grid code expert Graeme Chown (top-left) joined onsite and Nis Martensen joined online.
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