Project Outline

Smart Modelling of Optimal Integration of High Penetration of PV (Smooth PV) is a project which has the objective to develop advanced modeling and simulation tools using the software tool DIgSILENT/PowerFactory in order to evaluate the impact of a large-scale penetration of PV on the optimum economical design/operation of the distribution and transmission network. The project is run by a number of partners.

Problem Description

The impact of high penetration levels of PV has different dimensions:
i) In the distribution network, a high share of PV may require new approaches for voltage control as the power output of PV systems can change rapidly if clouds pass very fast over the PV systems. New control approaches may include active P/Q control from the PV systems, changed design of the embedded distribution system control as well as active demand-side control.

ii) On the overall power system level, a high share of PV may cause balancing issues, due to the variable nature of PV generation. Hence, the power systems may need to become more flexible to be able to better react to the variable PV system and/or a redesign of the transmission system may be required to achieve an economic balancing of the system.

Overall Results

Simulation tools which allow the evaluation of the impact of high PV penetration on the power system operation. A detailed report will summarise the findings of the simulations, focusing on the technical and economic impact of high PV penetration in the distribution network and in the overall European power system.

Further Information

Supported by:
PV ERA NET / Europe

Project Duration:
01/2011 – 12/2012