Energynautics Comments on: Volkswagen is making the Electric Car Part of the Energy System*

Is Volkswagen Bidirectional Charging Strategy going in the Right Direction?

A recent announcement during Volkswagen’s Power Day event confirmed rumors that VW MEB-based vehicles will support DC bidirectional charging starting next year. Other manufacturers like Hyundai have made similar announcements.

Will DC bidirectional charging be beneficial for the electricity grid?
Energynautics raises the concern that the current development is too energy centric. Automotive research on bidirectional charging aims at global optimization of energy use including the provision of reserves. The limitations of the local grid remain unanswered, but that is where the real complexity begins.

Read more in the commentary by Dr. Eckehard Tröster and Thorsten Schlößer on Energynautics’ advocacy of including grid operators in the process in order to achieve a sustainable solution.