Support for distribution code review and system operation training

January 20th to 24th, 2020, Jakarta, Indonesia, commissioned by GIZ

As part of GIZ’s Renewable Energy for Electrification Programme – REEP 1000 Islands, Energynautics support renewable integration in Indonesia under a three year contract. As the eighth assignment under the program, the Energynautics team was tasked with supporting the Indonesian Distribution Code Management Committee KMAD with a revision of the distribution code in late 2019. Recommendations on updates to the regulatory document to support growing shares of renewable and distributed generations were developed.
In January 2020, Nis Martensen and Peter-Philipp Schierhorn travelled to Jakarta to discuss the planned changes with KMAD, Indonesian state utility PLN, GIZ and a number of local independent power producers (IPPs) who already operate PV and small hydro units connected to the distribution system. Going forward, Energynautics will present a draft of a revised distribution code by mid-2020.

While in the country, the two engineers also delivered a single day training session on advanced system operation and disturbance mitigation to PLN’s transmission operation division. Power system stability, operational security and system defense in the Indonesian power systems are currently being discussed in the aftermath of the blackout in the main system of Java-Bali in August 2019. These issues are also of crucial importance for the integration of higher shares of renewable energy, and the current re-evaluation of operational principles and procedures is a good opportunity for PLN to future-proof the Indonesian systems. The workshop also included a visit to the transmission and generation dispatch center for the Java-Bali system (PLN P2B) and discussions about blackout prevention and the integration of renewable energy with PLN staff on site.

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